The main goal of this project is to improve the understanding of the Paleozoic petroleum system in the southern North Sea Paleozoic sub-basins following the work of Ohm et al. (2012) and Doudouh (2017). For such a purpose, we aim for a 4-year project that includes at least one PhD student to study the tectonic-stratigraphic evolution of the Paleozoic sub-basins based on seismic data and evaluate the potential of possible Paleozoic source rocks by doing detailed geochemical analysis. The estimate project cost is 6 MNOK for the four-year project. The cost per company is 2MNOK or 500 KNOK per year with a four year commitment. Deliverables include all results from the project (e.g. analytical results, presentations, publications) and an integrated database including digital products from each of the focus areas as well as the main dissertation of the PhD study.