PaBas Project

Apart from the rather limited reports on Paleozoic derived oils there are many oils in the North Sea with “atypical” Jurassic fingerprints. Could these be sourced by Paleozoic source rocks, or represent mixtures of Jurassic and Paleozoic derived oils?
In this study a suite of North Sea oils will be analysed geochemically and those with an atypical Jurassic signature will be investigated in further detail to reveal if they may have a Pre-Jurassic origin. It will further be explored if potential clusters of Pre-Jurassic derived oils can be linked to presence of Paleozoic grabens.
The results of this study may open a new exploration model in the Norwegian North Sea. Areas, which previously have been disregarded due to the Upper Jurassic source rocks being immature may, hence, be “revitalized” by presence of Paleozoic grabens with source rock intervals.