Specific tasks and deliverables

As part of the PhD study, the following tasks are expected

  • Characterization and Mapping of Paleozoic sub-basins
  • Geochemical identification of Paleozoic oils
  • Basin modelling and petroleum potential

The main deliverables will be all produced interpretations, including maps, correlations and cross-sections. All results from the geochemical analysis and basin modelling will also be provided. A main result will be the PhD dissertation, which will represent the compilation of all material in addition to conference presentations and peer-reviewed articles. An annual meeting will be held during the duration of the project with the sponsors to show progress. The meeting will provide an arena to provide feedback to the project and PhD student.

The main data to be used in the project includes publically available seismic and well data via the Petrobank. In addition, PGS will be approached in order to get access to more data, including the one used by Doudouh (2017). However, this data will be confidential and information will be limited by a confidentiality agreement between PGS and UiS. As for the geochemistry, oil samples, cores, and cuttings will be sampled at the NPD core store.

Field work in Paleozoic rocks in UK and eastern Norway may be considered for understanding the petroleum system elements. Upon amounts of sponsors and results, the project scope may be expanded to also include provenance studies to enhance paleogeography understanding and reservoir characterization.