We just finished sampling cores, cuttings and oils at Weatherford and are currently obtaining sediment samples from cores and cuttings at NPD. In early May, we also had a field trip to Aberdeen to sample oils and cuttings from wells in the J-block and the Kessog Field northwest of the Embla Field.

7 wells will be sampled for facies variation in the Upper Jurassic at NPD. 3 wells were sampled at Weatherford and 4 wells in Aberdeen.

14 wells with cores in the Rotligendes Gp will be sampled for residual hydrocarbons at NPD and 4 wells were sampled at Weatherford.

Oils were sampled from 16 wells at NPD, 6 wells from Weatherford, 4 wells from the Kessog Field and 16 wells from the J-block.

All the oils were sent to APT on Wednesday last week.

Sediment samples will be sent to APT (extraction and isotopes) and to RPS Houston (mineral and maceral counting).