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Updated as of June 29, 2019.


Alsen, P., Jelby, M.E., Śliwińska, K.K. and J. Mutterlose, 2019, An Early Cretaceous stratigraphic marker fossil in the High Arctic: the belemnite Arctoteuthis bluethgeni: Geological Magazine, 1-14.

Cedeño, A., Rojo, L., Cardozo, N., Centeno, L., A., Escalona, 2019, The Impact of Salt Tectonics on the Thermal Evolution and the Petroleum System of Confined Rift Basins: Insights from Basin Modeling of the Nordkapp Basin, Norwegian Barents Sea: Geosciences, 9, 316, 25 p. Open access; DOI:10.3390/geosciences9070316

Hammer, Ø., Alsen, P., Grundvåg, S-A., Jelby, M. E., Nøhr-Hansen, H., Olaussen, S., Senger, K.,  Śliwińska, K., K and M. Smelror, 2018s, Comment on ‘Redox conditions, productivity, and volcanic input during deposition of uppermost Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous organic-rich siltstones in Spitsbergen, Norway’ by Rakociński et al. (2018): Cretaceous Research; DOI:10.1016/j.cretres.2018.09.01

Hjalmarsdottir, H. R., Nakrem H. A. and J. Nagy, 2018,  Environmental significance and taxonomy of well preserved foraminifera from Upper Jurassic – Lower Cretaceous hydrocarbon seep carbonates, central Spitsbergen: Micropaleontology, v.64, nos. 5-6, p. 435–480.

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Koevoets, M. J.,  Hammer, Ø., Olaussen, S., K. Senger and M. Smelror, 2018, Integrating subsurface and outcrop data of Middle Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous Agardhfjellet Formation in central Spitsbergen: Norwegian Journal of Geology, v. 98, Nr.4 p.1-34, ISSN: 23875844, doi: 10.17850/njg98-4-01. Open access;

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Rojo, L.A., Marín, D., Cardozo, N., Escalona, A. and H. Koyi, 2019, The influence of halokinesis on prograding clinoforms: Insights from the Tiddlybanken Basin, Norwegian Barents Sea: Basin Research, 0,

Smelror, M., Larssen, G. B., Olaussen, S., Rømuld A., and R. Williams, 2019, Late Triassic to Early Cretaceous palynostratigraphy of Kong Karls Land, Svalbard, Arctic Norway, with correlations to Franz Josef Land, Arctic Russia: Norwegian Journal of Geology, v. 98, Nr.4 p. 1-31, doi:10.17850/njg98-4-04. Open access;

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Ohm, S. E., Larsen., Olaussen, S., Senger, K., Birchall, T., Demchuk, T, Hodson, A.  Johansen, I., Titlestad, G.O. and A. Braathen, Discovery of shale gas in organic rich Jurassic successions, Adventdalen, central Spitsbergen; Norway. Submitted to Norwegian Journal of Geology

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Braut, T.I., Escalona, A. and Augustsson, C., 2018. Middle to Upper Jurassic Depositional Setting in the Hammerfest Basin: 80th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2018 Student Programme. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Cedeño, A.F., Ohm S.E. and Escalona A., 2019. Facies variations within the Hekkingen Formation: An interdisciplinary approach: 29th International Meeting on Organic Geochemistry (IMOG). Gothenburg, Sweden.

Helleren, S., Marin, D., Augustsson, C. and S.E. Ohm, 2019. Lateral Compositional Variations in the Upper Jurassic Source Rock in the Southwestern Barents Sea: 81st EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2019, Oral presentation. London, UK.

Marin, D. and Escalona, A., 2019. The Middle to Upper Jurassic in the SW Barents Sea: Active faulting controlling the variation of organic-rich rocks: 34th International Meeting of Sedimentology. Rome, Italy.

Usken, B., Escalona, A. and Marin, D., 2018. Late Jurassic–Early Cretaceous Tectonostratigraphic Evolution of the Nysleppen Fault Complex, Southwestern Barents Sea: 80th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2018 Student Programme. Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Braut, T.I., 2018, Middle to Upper Jurassic Depositional Setting in the Hammerfest Basin, SW Barents Sea: MSc thesis, University of Stavanger, Stavanger, Norway, 106p.

Helleren, S., 2019, Lateral compositional variations in the Upper Jurassic source rock in the southwestern Barents Sea – an organic or inorganic disclosure: MSc thesis, University of Stavanger, Stavanger, Norway, 118p.

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Usken, B., 2018, Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous Seismic Interpretation in the Nysleppen Falut Complex, SW Barents Sea: BSc thesis, University of Stavanger, Stavanger, Norway, 58p.

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